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One free supply day
or a
£250 Amazon voucher

Working together to make a difference

We love working with you and other like-minded schools who are passionate about making a difference in education.

If you think our services are worth shouting about and want to refer us to another school, academy, college or multi-academy trust, we’ll say a huge thank you by providing your school with one free supply day or a £250 Amazon voucher as a reward.

One free supply day
or a
£250 Amazon voucher

Here’s how it works…

  • step 1

    Step 1

    You recommend our services to an education provider that hasn’t used us in the last 12 months, then contact your local branch or complete the form below to let us know

  • step 2

    Step 2

    We’ll contact the school (or they can contact us) to talk about our services

  • step 3

    Step 3

    They’ll book and pay for 10 full supply days. Or they’ll hire and pay the introduction fee for recruiting a permanent staff member and they’ll have completed 6 weeks in the role

  • step 4

    Step 4

    You get a reward! Your school receives one free supply day or a £250 Amazon voucher


Get rewarded with every referral

What’s more, there is no limit to how many schools you refer. If you know of multiple schools, academies, colleges and multi-academy trusts who will benefit from the services we provide and they haven’t used is in the last 12 months, then you can refer them all.

Find out all the finer details by reading our full terms & conditions and make a referral today!

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