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Paying our supply staff

Our supply staff are paid weekly via the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system by our own in-house Payroll team - we do not use umbrella companies. This means that all Income Tax and National Insurance contributions are deducted from your weekly salary and automatically forwarded on to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs). We are required to do this by law to ensure full compliance with the Government’s IR35 regulations. The amount you pay will depend on your tax code, which is specified by HMRC.

Your payslips

Your pay for the previous week will go into your account on a Friday (or a Thursday if it’s a bank holiday Friday), pending the schools confirming your timesheets online. You will receive an email each time a payslip is ready, which will include a direct link to your payslip on the InPay Payslip Portal website. Your payslip will not be available for you to view until midnight on the day you receive the email. On your payslip, you will see your holiday pay (which we incorporate into your daily rate), any deductions or adjustments, along with your net and gross pay.

At the end of each tax year, we will send you a statement, which is known as a P60. The statement will show the gross total amount of money you’ve been paid, what tax has been deducted and how much net income you have received after this.

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After 12 weeks of employment all workers are automatically enrolled into the NEST pension scheme as by law we are required to auto enrol all our supply staff. You can opt-out of this scheme, and you would be entitled to a full refund of any deductions made, providing you opt out within a 30-day period.

To opt out, you need to call NEST on 0300 020 0090 quoting your unique NEST ID - please contact the Payroll team to obtain this ID.

See "Workplace pensions for our supply staff' for more information. 

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Guaranteed Pay Scheme

Our Guaranteed Pay Scheme gives you security and peace of mind on supply. You could receive an agreed rate for supply work, whether or not we place you on a particular day.

The scheme is available to a limited number of supply staff who meet our criteria around availability, areas of work and required qualifications/experience. For more details on whether you could qualify for our scheme, please contact your local branch.


We are always working to ensure our teaching and support staff get the best deal possible. Agency Workers’ Regulations (AWR) entitles agency workers to the same pay and other working conditions enjoyed by a hirer’s own workers, after the agency worker has completed 12 weeks of service in an equivalent permanent school role with the same hirer (the ‘hirer’ is the school/academy).

After the 12-week period, you are eligible to benefit in the following areas in line with the hirer’s own workers:

  • Pay (in the case of teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors, this means the agency worker’s scale rate, as determined by the school’s pay policy as if they had been recruited directly and NOT that of the employee they are covering).
  • Duration of working time.
  • Rest periods.

In addition, the regulations state agency workers’ rights from the first day of work, such as access to job vacancies and on-site facilities.


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Super friendly and helpful agents who try to match me to my work requirements.

Inge Day,
Primary Teacher

Excellent communication with staff. Work is regular and suitable to my needs. I'm extremely pleased with your service.

Mark Lenehan,
Secondary English Teacher