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Return to teaching - FAQs
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The Department for Education are calling upon ex-teachers to help provide supply teaching work on a temporary basis to ensure that face-to-face teaching in schools can continue if schools experience high staff absences this year due to the pandemic.

Read on to find out all the details of how to return to teaching as a supply teacher with ABC Teachers.

Who can help?

If you are a qualified teacher in early years, primary, secondary, SEND or further education and you can spare some time to teach, you can help. To maintain consistency in the classroom staff across all areas including early years settings, schools, colleges and other alternative provisions will be required and we can help to match you to the roles that suit you best.

I want to be a supply teacher, how do I find schools to work in?

Get in touch with us today to talk to your local recruitment consultant and depending on your skills and experience, they will match you to the roles and schools that urgently require staffing cover.

Will I need to complete pre-employment checks (eg DBS checks?)

Get in touch with us to discuss what DBS checks and other pre-employment checks are required for your circumstances. Our friendly consultants will help you every step of the way and get you returning to work as soon as we can once all our vetting and clearance checks have been completed.

How much will I get paid?

We offer some of the best rates of pay of any education recruitment agency and you’ll be paid weekly by our in-house payroll team using PAYE. No umbrella company, no hidden charges, just getting paid on time. Find out everything you need to know about your pay on our website or contact us for more details.

Will my teachers’ pension be impacted if I return as a supply teacher?

On a supply contract, we are classed as your employer and we do not participate in the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme (TPS), so therefore returning to teaching in this way will not affect your pension.

What information will you need?

Contact your local branch to find out the exact requirements for your circumstances. But as a minimum, you will need to provide:

  • evidence that you have a suitable qualification (eg QTS)
  • information to verify your identity and right to work,
  • information to enable references to be taken, and
  • information for a DBS check.


How do I find out about the schools that I will be teaching in?

When you sign up with us, you’ll get a friendly, dedicated consultant who will take the time to find the roles that are best for you – by taking into consideration your specific needs, skills, experience, location, availability and school preferences. We’ll then provide you with the relevant information about the schools for roles you would be best suited to. Find out more details about working on supply with us.

How many days a week can I teach for?

Teaching supply is a very flexible option, you tell us how many days you want to work each week and we’ll find the work for you. Whether it’s one day a week or five, your help will be invaluable at this challenging time. And as this is on a temporary basis, you can return to teaching for as little or as long as you’d like.

What am I expected to teach?

We’ll work with you to understand your experience and preferences and find a suitable placement for you based on what you’d be comfortable teaching. Equally, if you are a teacher, but would be more comfortable working in a support staff position such as a Teaching Assistant, just let us know and we’ll find you roles to meet your preferences.

I’m not a teacher but I’d like to work in a school as a teaching assistant. Can I find a school to work in?

Yes – we have plenty of schools looking for support staff on a temporary basis and permanently. Contact us to talk through your preferences, skills and experience.

How quickly will I be placed?

Prior to your first placement, you will have to satisfactorily complete all pre-employment checks, including a DBS check. Currently 80% of Enhanced DBS checks are issued within the 14-day service target and over 30% are issued within 1 day. Once all the checks have been completed, the time to starting your first placement will then depend on demand from schools/colleges and your work preferences.

Do I need to be vaccinated before working in a school?

The Department for Education is encouraging all the workforce to take up the offer of a vaccine and a booster where possible as Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are the best way to protect people from coronavirus (COVID-19). However, schools will not usually require proof of vaccination and there is no obligation on you to share your vaccine status with the school.

I’m worried about going into a school, how can I work safely?

All schools and settings have a range of measures in place to manage COVID-19 transmission day to day, for example improving ventilation and hygiene, and regular testing for the workforce and learners. If you are placed in a school, please ask them to explain their measures to you. You can also follow our advice and guidance on working in schools and other education settings safely throughout the Covd-19 pandemic.

What if I am looking for a permanent role as a teacher?

Our experienced permanent recruitment team can support you with finding a new permanent role. Whatever you’re looking for, we are here to help. Search our permanent job vacancies or contact your local permanent consultant.

How can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about working with us, contact your local branch directly today and we'll help you with everything you need to get ready to teach again.

Contact your local branch to sign up today

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