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Finding the perfect work-life balance
Rachel’s Story

Rachel joined our sister company, Vision for Education, on the search for a better work-life balance. She still wanted to work as a teacher but didn’t want the pressure of working at the evenings and weekends. Here’s how she found a better balance in her life by working on supply.

As a Design and Technology Teacher, Rachel has worked hard since 2010 to work her way up to Head of Design and Technology, but due to personal reasons she needed a change. She said: “I signed up for daily supply teaching work with Vision for Education because I wanted the freedom to manage my work diary and choose when I worked. I read good online reviews about them which did not disappoint. The ability to access support quickly from the agency was a big benefit and their communication was excellent.”

Since working on supply, Rachel has found the balance she needed in her life. She shares: “Recently, I’ve managed to find the time to run a 10k, something I would not have been able to have done before, and it’s through working for Vision for Education I’ve been able to do this. But I still get to use my qualifications and experience within a classroom and support pupils. Seeing a pupil have that ‘light bulb’ moment is always something special that you don’t get in many other professions. I’ve also supported a student who had an issue relating to LGBTQ+ matters. I’m proud that I can still help pupils in this way.”

Rachel has been really happy with the regular work she gets. She said: “I have been able to work when I want and the service I’ve received from Vision for Education has been great. I think that communication with the branch has been key to our strong working relationship. If I was going to give one piece of advice to anyone thinking about working on supply, it would be to not take challenges within the education environment personally, so you can deal with the matter in a calm and professional way. I have also found that hobbies such as walking or running after work can help to relieve stress from a challenging day, which all contribute to a better work-life balance.”

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