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How to change career into education

Making a career change to work in education without having to spend loads of time and money retraining is more feasible than you imagine. Here’s how you can make it happen…

Make the most of your previous experience

Beyond teaching, there are a variety of support roles which make up just over half* of the school workforce, and they don’t always require a formal teaching support qualification. Experience in various fields like health and social care, youth services, and sports can equip you with transferable skills that are invaluable in educational settings. So, your previous work experience may be well-suited to the education sector.

Diverse job opportunities

The needs of children with mental, physical, learning and behavioural challenges are diverse, resulting in a wide variety of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) roles within schools. Positions like behaviour support worker, youth engagement mentor, autism support worker, personal care assistant and learning support assistant are just a few examples. Enthusiasm, compassion, and a commitment to providing equal learning opportunities are key attributes to success in these roles.

“I have always wanted to work in education, supporting children who need it most as it’s something I am passionate about. When I decided to move from support work into education, I was still unsure exactly what role I wanted to do, so doing supply was a great option as I had the opportunity to try lots of different roles. It’s been fantastic to build my knowledge and gain lots of experience.”

Natalie Proudler, SEND Learning Support

Choosing supply work

Changing careers can be daunting and isn’t always easy. Some people prefer to go all-in and change completely overnight, while others need a more gradual transition. Whichever way you decide to make the change, working on supply gives you the flexibility to change careers at your own pace. Whether you choose to work part-time or full-time, on a daily or long-term contract, supply work gives you more options. Our team of dedicated consultants are here to support you too, so moving into your new career can happen sooner than you think.

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*School Workforce in England Report 2022

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