National TA Day

National Teaching Assistants' Day

Teaching assistants (TAs) play a key role in schools, supporting the learning and development of children and young people, and providing invaluable support for teaching staff. 

At ABC Teachers, we're lucky enough to work with lots of fantastic TAs. To celebrate National Teaching Assistants' Day (Monday 16th September 2019), we had a chat with one of our most popular TAs, Refet Parveen, to find out how she got into working in the education sector, what she loves about being a TA and what made her choose to work for ABC Teachers. 

What is your current role?

I’m now in my third year of working as a supply teaching assistant for ABC Teachers’ primary team and SEND teams.

What made you want to work in education?

My children had both been diagnosed with autism and I knew I wanted to go into SEND settings to support other children like mine. Life experience has allowed me to support parents and children more effectively.

How did you get into working as teaching assistant?

I’ve not always been in education. I got married young and worked as a designer for 15 years. Once my children were old enough, I decided to follow my passion for education and retrained as a Level 3 teaching assistant.

What do you enjoy about working as a teaching assistant?

The sense of achievement and pushing myself every day. I get to help children with a variety of needs, so every day is different.

What made you want to work on supply?

Because my children have autism, I struggled to balance their needs with a full-time role. I also knew I wanted to try different things and explore all the different elements of SEND education.

What do you like best about working on supply and what are the main benefits of working on supply instead of a permanent position in one school?

The flexibility it offers. I love getting to visit lots of schools and learn from all sorts of people.

What made you choose ABC Teachers?

Their reputation. The pay rate is good and the staff are all very friendly. They sort any issues quickly and keep in contact. I’ve been impressed with their service.

What’s the best thing about working for ABC Teachers? 

My consultant is excellent. He listens and understands and is so supportive and easy to talk to. It also helps that I’ve always been given lots of work!

What is the most challenging thing about your role?

Going into new schools and building relationships with staff and children. You have to hit the ground running and get to know systems quickly!

What’s your average day like?

Lots of my work is pre-booked, but sometimes I’ll get a last-minute call – it really varies. I’ve also had experience in long-term vacancies and regular bookings at schools that like me.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I’m really happy doing what I’m doing.  I love the flexibility that my job offers! Maybe I would consider more long-terms.

Interested in a career as a TA? ABC Teachers have TA opportunities in primary, secondary and SEND (special educational needs and disabilities). We offer great pay, supportive consultants and a host of other benefits. To find out more about working for ABC Teachers, call 01543 410 500 or email

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