Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) FAQs (JANUARY 2021)

Published : 11 January 2021

ABC Teachers is committed to supporting our supply staff during these unprecedented times and will be funding the required employer contributions, which will enable us to furlough candidates who are eligible for the CJRS. 

Who is eligible to be furloughed?

HMRC has set out the eligibility requirements for furloughing in their official guidance, which can be found on the .Gov website.

In response to this, ABC Teachers will be making the required employer's contributions to offer furlough to supply staff who meet our following criteria:

  • worked and been paid by ABC Teachers at some point between 1st September 2020 and 28th October 2020, and
  • must have no work available to you through ABC Teachers, and
  • must not be being paid for a long-term contract which you are currently undertaking through ABC Teachers. (If a school has agreed to honour payments for your current long-term contract during this lockdown, you cannot be furloughed).

When will I be furloughed from?
Eligible supply staff can be furloughed from Monday 11th January 2021. If you have worked for us after this date, your furlough date will be the Monday following the date you last worked for us. 

How will my furlough pay be calculated?
Whilst you are furloughed, you will receive 80% of your pay, up to a maximum of £576.92 per week.

Your pay is calculated as the higher of:
(i) your same week's earnings from the previous tax year, or
(ii) your average weekly earnings from the 2019-20 tax year.

If you have been with ABC Teachers for less than 52 weeks, your pay is calculated on an average of your weekly earnings since you started.

Deductions for tax, national insurance contributions, and pension where you are enrolled in a pension scheme, will continue to be made from your furlough pay. ABC Teachers will make the required employer contributions.

When will I be paid?
We submitted our claim for the week ending 15th January on Wednesday 20th January. Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs (HMRC) claims take up to six working days to process. However, we are pleased to confirm that, on this occasion, we will be paying furloughed supply staff ahead of us receiving the grant from HMRC and their furlough pay will be in their bank account on Friday 22nd January.

We are paying this payment in advance of us receiving the funds as we understand that some of our supply staff have not received any pay since the Christmas break. Unfortunately, we will be unable to make subsequent payments in advance of receiving the funds from HMRC. 

The above does not apply to supply staff who completed our furlough survey to say they wanted to be furloughed after the initial deadline (4pm on Tuesday 12th January) for being included in our first HMRC claim submission. Anyone who completed the survey after this time/date will be included in the following week’s claim and their pay will be backdated as applicable.

We will be submitting weekly CJRS claims to HMRC. 

Our next CJRS claim will be submitted on Thursday 21st January - subject to the scheme remaining in place and no work being available. This claim will be for the week ending 22nd January. HMRC take up to six working days to process the claim, so we expect your next payment to be in your account on Monday 1st or Tuesday 2nd February.  

The subsequent claim for the week ending 29th January will be submitted on Thursday 28th January and we expect payment to be in your account on Monday 8th or Tuesday 9th February.

Can I work for ABC Teachers whilst I am furloughed?
You are unable to work for ABC Teachers whilst you are furloughed.

If work becomes available whilst you are furloughed, you can be un-furloughed the next week to work for us and then be re-furloughed the following week. We are unable to administer supply staff being furloughed some days and working others during the same week.

How long will ABC Teachers offer the furlough scheme?
ABC Teachers will review the availability of the furlough scheme fortnightly.

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