Working as a Cover Supervisor

How to become a cover supervisor.

What is the job of a cover supervisor?

A cover supervisor works in schools providing assistance to the regular teaching teams by taking classes and ensuring they are working on tasks. They play a huge part in the running of a modern school and academy, by freeing up the regular qualified teaching staff to carry out essential marking, planning and preparation. The role has grown in recent year and almost every secondary school will engage cover supervisors, although to widely varying degrees.

The role of a cover supervisor is one that carries great responsibility as they are in sole charge of the classroom control and ultimately the safety of children in their control.

What qualifications do I need to become a cover supervisor?

There are no formal qualifications required to be cover supervisor. It is ultimately up to the employer, usually the headteacher to deem what is required for the job. Some will require the applicant to be a graduate but that is certainly not a standard.

As a agency ABC Teachers supply cover supervisors to schools. Therefore it is important that we have a standard criteria so that we are consistant with the recruitment of Cover Supervisors and headteachers can know who we recruit.

It is important that our Cover Supervisors are able to show they have significant experience of working with secondary age children in a position of authority and ideally of graduate experience. Suitable experience may be as sports coaches or youth leaders. We are happy to consider non graduates who have worked in similar roles in schools, and we have regularly employ retired police officer whose experience we find a good fit.

What if I am a graduate but I do not have the experience?

If you are a graduate that wishes to work as a cover supervisor but does not have any experience, we would advise you to contact you local schools and offer to get some volutary experience for 4 weeks. Once this has been completed we would be able to take a reference from the school as part of the recruitment process.

What would does the role of a cover supervisor entail?

A cover supervisor is like a teacher in that they are in front of a class of children and are in charge of the classroom management. However, it is often easier to define the role by what a cover supervisor doesn't do. 

A cover supervisor does not involve themselves with planning, preparation and marking of the class. In short, they play no part in the development of the class beyond that particular lesson. 

What is the salary like for cover supervisors?

Cover supervisors earn aproximately half to a third of what a qualified teacher would earn a day. Starting at £60 a day.

What else do I need to know?

Being a cover supervisor isn't for everyone. The classroom can be an intimidating place if you are not a confident in the environment and you need to be honest with yourself in regards to how you feel you would in this situation. Those with the right skills and temprement though find the work incredibly rewarding.

Work for this role often comes in on daily basis, so you will need to be flexible. 

However, if you are good the job is regular and many people use the role of cover supervisor as a kickstart to a teaching career.

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