Secondary Teacher Jobs

Secondary Teaching Careers

Working as a secondary teacher can be a hugely rewarding career offering a chance to shape the lives of children as the grow into adults. Teaching remains the largest career path for graduates however, it is not all positive though, with 50% of qualified teachers leaving the profession within 5 years.

What do ABC Teachers provide?

ABC Teachers work with secondary schools throughout the UK providing supply teaching staff for permanent and temporary positions.

So what are the benefits of working on a supply basis?

Well freedom is one reason a lot of people choose to work for teaching agencies.

If you would like to keep certain days free you can and we will contact you asking about your availability and if you are free we will find work for you. All we ask of you is to stay true to your word and if you agree to do a booking you follow through with it.

If you would like to do a long term position in a school then of course we can help you find these roles too. We are inundated by schools asking for us to help fill requirement to cover things such as maternity, long term sickness or to find a stop gap replacement if the regular teacher has unexpectedly left the position before they have had chance to find a full time replacement.

So in short working for an secondary teaching agency is incredibly empowering.

What are the downsides?

There are some downsides to considers. September tends to be a quiet month (although you should be busy the rest of the year). Also you are not regular member of staff you may feel a little bit on the edge of things.


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